Campaign Platform

my campaign platform

What I Will Fight For


Supports increasing the amount of safe and affordable housing. Ensuring that residents are aware of voucher options and other affordable housing opportunities.


Supports securing funds for our public school system. Ensuring that our teachers get the resources they need to educate our students.


Supports increasing senior housing options and services. Ensuring that our seniors are informed about the senior resources available to them in the community.


Supports the banning of harmful plastics and cleaning up our waterways. Ensuring that our park land is being maintained because Parks are for People.

Our District our future

my vision...

When elected to office my vision is to build bridges not gaps between the community and city hall. With your support I plan to accomplish meeting the needs of the district. I will continue to battle and have those tough conversations around affordable housing, education, homelessness, the environment, seniors, financial and food insecurities and a better quality of life for all. While always ensuring that All Lives Matter and that our voices are heard.

I believe they key to effective leadership in this role is to provide transparency, encourage partnering and collaboration, and promote good faith efforts to engage constituents. I hope that my service on the City Council will leave a legacy that the community, City Council and City Hall will benefit from, I’m here for People Politics.


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